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Review by Andrea Esparza

I had the worst experience ever at this location! Never have I been treated so rudely or dealt with an employee that was nasty and vindictive. Along with her foul attitude she made me wait 16 minutes for the 2 long island ice teas as she served customers that came after me..i was given the drinks with a hole in the plastic covering so it leaked all over my lap and phone ..was given only one straw and on top of all that b.s. they were melted and weak. I asked to speak to her manager and she said there was no manager to speak to. I'm beyond pissed at the service and quality of the drinks. And thankful that the old me didn't come out and handle ugly with ugly! I'm still trying to get a hold of someone in management to report this! Never again will I waste my time or money at this location. Hopefully she will not continue to treat customers in this way again!

Review by Tauyna Glover

I love how they are fast at serving the customers

Review by Ms. Bea Brown

Love Eskimo hut! There are awesome people that work N. 10th location!

Review by Tina Rakes

service was fast, friendly, and excellent and prices are great too!

Review by andrea mitchell


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