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Review by Ru Tec

Excellent customer service and whenever I have issues they take care of me. Respect and get respect in return. Lot to choose from if your into that kinda thing and all.

Review by lilbear Kinney

Great food if they would just give you what u pay for

Review by Syed Ahmad

Probably the worst popeyes in the world (in their current state as of jan 28th 2019). Aaj 3 piece chicken ki deal 2 zingers aur poutine(poutine=fries+gravy+cheese). Sarai fries inke local hai, cajun fries specially mangwane pertai hai. Unlike popeyes around the world jahan they only have cajun fries, seriously wt* ? Chicken mai sai literally khoon nikal raha tha. Zinger ki patty ander sai pink thi, aur jab mainai unhe bola, wo manai hi na zinger k barai mai. Chicken unho nai refund kr dia tha. But their chicken still is better than kfc (the chicken was delicious, but I felt like throwing up after I saw the blood). I'm sure if they fixed their fries (only served cajun fries) and chicken quality control ko behtar kr lai, there is still potential. I want to see popeyes as a good brand in Pakistan, but in their current state I wouldn't support it. They should hire someone who has had experience working in popeyes in Canada or America (idk if they have popeyes in america). May Allah bless the sincere, honest and righteous workers. (I would personally blame the manager for such a poor team, poor quality of the food, and cheap business strategies (like saving money by selling cheap fries instead of cajun, honestly I've never seen any popeyes do that, ever.)).

Review by travis atkinson

Not the best place and the employees are basically useless

Review by Jarel Trott

I went in coming from Muldoon because I saw they had a good selection, which they did. The guy behind the counter was patient and friendly as I browsed. They didn't have some things I was looking for but that isn't a big deal. However the reason for the lack of star is because I asked a question about one of the items I bought, seeing if something inside was replaceable and the guy said no you need to buy a whole new unit. Well I bought it anyway, and I'm glad I did. Because on the box it clearly says it's replaceable. so other than being misinformed, I had a good visit.


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Anchorage (officially called the Municipality of Anchorage; Dena'ina: Dgheyay Kaq') is a unified home rule municipality in the U.S. state of Alaska, on the West Coast of the United States. With an estimated 291,538 residents in 2018, it is Alaska's most populous city and contains 39.37% of the state's population; among the 50 states, only New York has a higher percentage of residents who live in its most populous city. The Anchorage metropolitan area, which includes Anchorage and the neighboring Matanuska-Susitna Borough, had a population of 396,317 in 2019, accounting for more than half the state's population. At 1,706 square miles (4,420 km2) of land area, the city is the fourth-largest by area in the United States and larger than the smallest state, Rhode Island, which has 1,212 square miles (3,140 km2).Anchorage is in Southcentral Alaska, at the terminus of the Cook Inlet, on a peninsula formed by the Knik Arm to the north and the Turnagain Arm to the south. The city limits span 1,961.1 ... Read More

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